We are a garage that’s located in Oakview. We offer a wide range of garage services such as repairs, MOT testing, car servicing and Diagnostics

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For all vehicles, over three years old an MOT testing is a legal requirement. It is vital that you check if your certificate is in date. Before your MOT certificate expires call Oakview Garage for a quick quote, or alternatively drive down to see us today.


At Oakview Garage the diagnostic testing is a service that we pride ourselves on. If your car has a lot of mileage, we will perform a few tests and check over your car thoroughly.

With your car many things can go wrong, these include:

  • Oil leaks,
  • Overheating,
  • Battery problems,
  • Engine parts that may need to be changed

For us, no work is too big or small for even if it only requires an oil change and a new spark plug for your car, we are here to help.

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Your brakes and exhaust can wear away with time, so you need to make sure that they are checked and serviced regularly.

At Oakview Garage you can trust that one of our experienced mechanics will complete the necessary checks to fix your car, to ensure you and your vehicle are safe and secure on the road. With our affordable prices, you will not be looking at a huge bill.

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Tyres are an item that requires your full attention every time you go out on the road. Keeping your car in the best condition, it needs to have fully inflated tyres that are above the minimum legal wear limit if your tyre is not looked after you could be at risk of the following problems;

Reduced Fuel Consumption: Under-inflated or worn tyres increase your drag on the road. This leads to your engine needing more power to move your car forward.

Breaking The Law: There is a legal wear limit, and you could get 3 points and a fine if they are worn too far.

Your Life: A poorly maintained tyre can increase your braking distance and can lead to accidents.

So what can you do? It is simple, bring your car to us, and we will thoroughly inspect your tyres for wear and even inflation levels.

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Your clutch and gearbox are not vital to your engine running. They are, however, essential to make your car move. If either of these parts has failed, then you definitely need a clutch garage or maybe a gearbox replacement garage. They are effectively the same thing; however, they are different from a gearbox repair centre.

At Oakview garage, we can do all aspects of clutch and gearbox work. If your car runs but fails to drive the chances are you are having an issue with either of these parts. There are also other symptoms to look out for to spot if something has failed.

Not sure if you need a new clutch?

Look out for the following signs:

  • Car Over Revving While Driving: Clutch
  • Strange Noises When Clutch is Pressed: Clutch
Bring in your car to us and we’ll take a look!


Inevitably all vehicles will require some care from time to time whether it is a scheduled service or something out of the blue that requires expert attention. Our workshop is equipped with the latest equipment to ensure they can get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

We can service your vehicle to the manufacturer’s service schedule at a fraction of the main dealer cost. Alternatively, we can tailor a service to suit the vehicles needs or your budget. This means your money is spent wisely in the correct areas. This is one of the main reasons Oakview Garage stands out from the rest, we care and want to make sure your vehicle is safe and reliable, and you have received the best service possible.

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Things we Service;

  • Tyres,
  • Oil change,
  • an inspection of the car components,
  • Lights
  • Windscreen wipers,
  • A thorough,
  • inspection for any fluid leaks.
  • Extensive Brake inspection,
  • Air Filter,
  • Spark plugs,
  • Radiator and coolant hose.
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Whether you need an MOT, your car servicing, a fault diagnosing and repairing or need your car bodywork repaired we can keep you moving. Perhaps if you want more power and better MPG, we can increase the performance of your car with a remap of your vehicle’s ECU.

We offer a convenient and FREE local pickup and drop off service, available for all servicing & MOT bookings.

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We are a garage that’s located in Oakview. We offer a wide range of garage services such as repairs, MOT testing, car servicing and Diagnostics

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